Why the municipal investment gate " FURAS" ?

It combines various and multiple municipal investment opportunities offered by the Ministry.

(Furas) Municipal Investment Gate is a user-friendly platform launched by the Ministry where investors can find various information on investment opportunities that meets their interest. The gate can be accessed through the website or through smart phone application.

It facilitates the search for investment opportunities by type of activity or location.

The gate features search by city of reference and by type of activity such as: a gas station, kiosk, resorts ... etc.

It helps investors contribute to the development of Saudi urban and rural areas.

The gate eased access to investment opportunities that contribute to the development Saudi cities and villages.

Get detailed information on opportunities at a click of a button.

The gate displays all details of investment opportunities at an easy and intuitive manner.

View and purchase opportunities RFPs.

The investor may view RFP of each opportunity, and if interested pay for his right to bid through the gate without the need to exert effort, time and money to travel to the municipality location.

Submit bids and sign contracts electronically.

The gate allows investors to submit their bids electronically, receive notifications and sign contracts with no need to visit the municipalities.